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I’ve always loved photography and seeing the pleasure that it can bring to those whose pictures I’ve taken. Originally from Great Yarmouth, as a child I spent many happy hours on the Norfolk and Suffolk coastline. Sunday afternoons were often spent on the beautiful Norfolk Broads. I come from a large family, and they laugh to recall how, as a 12 year old, I would stage family photos by using props or getting them to do something more interesting than just facing the camera head on. I am so grateful for my family’s patience over the years as I honed my skill and waited with bated breath as my films were being developed! I like to think that I repaid them with some lovely compositions for the family albums. Fast forward more years than I care to mention and now living between Cambridge and London, I am still fortunate enough to have some wonderful places that I am able to create stunning and amazing photographs. Only its a new generation of family members that I have to now be grateful to.


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Wedding Planning Tips #3

Choosing the right photographer Choosing the right photographer is harder than you think and requires some research and leg work on your part. But it is so important to get it right. These are your memories, the ones to be preserved long after the cake has been eaten,... read more

New Website

Thinking of building a new website and frustrated because you know what you want just not sure how to get there? That was me. I am totally aware of my capabilities and knew that I had to find someone to build my new site for me and bring my vision to life. Into my... read more

Choosing your Cambridge Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day is a major event in your life’s journey, an event that is shared with those that have played an important part and who care about you most. So with the same emphasis that has been placed on the day itself, ensuring the memories are preserved and treasured dearly for generations to come, finding the right wedding photographer is paramount.
Finding a photographer that cares as much about your day as you do and who will be willing to help and advise along the way is not an unrealistic ask. Let me be that photographer and help you by taking away some of the stresses of planning and by capturing the happy and intimate moments of your wedding day.

Every wedding is unique and varied whether a civil ceremony, church wedding or a same sex marriage and I have been fortunate enough to be asked to cover them all. The one over riding factor is the unity and love between two people.


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Telling your story

As humans we are marvellous complex beings with minds that can store and recall many stories from the past. But we can only recall the stories from our own perspective, from the events the we were witness to or played a part in, and sometimes that’s OK. But at times we are involved in events where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, where so much is happening that we fail to see the wider picture.

Your wedding day is one such event and one of the most important days of your life. Let me be the one to tell the story of events as they unfold. Liken your wedding day to a jigsaw puzzle, there are so many pieces that make up the whole picture. Imagine the disappointment when you get the end and find a piece missing.

I am a photojournalistic and documentary style wedding photographer. I will record key moments as they happen so they are not missed and preserved years to come.

I will bring a sense of calmness to the proceedings and install confidence in you and your guests. My unobtrusive style is relaxed and informal and will put even the most camera shy person at ease. My energy and passion to make your wedding day special will be apparent from the very first time we meet. Read my testimonials here to see what my previous couples have to say.

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