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Telling your story

Have you ever considered having a portrait taken of yourself or your family by a professional photographer? When the art of photography was in its infancy portraits were taken only once in someone’s lifetime – you may have photos in your archives that are sepia tinted examples of past generations in military uniforms or family members sitting together unsmilingly on high backed chairs.

People commission a portrait of themselves at a time when they have something to say at a key point in the story of their life. Fortunately these days portraits are a much more relaxed and affordable activity, which means that you can chart your life story at a variety of occasions.

So what occasions do people record with a portrait photograph? Here’s a selection.

  • Family milestones: the birth of a child, significant birthdays, graduations.
  • Events: christenings, birthday parties and family gatherings.
  • Personal reasons: opening a new business, enjoying a favourite past time.

And of course you may simply want a memento of your loved ones because a picture of them would make you happy every time you looked at it. Or you may want to just save the memory of a great and optimistic time in your life.  The reasons are as individual as you are!

What to expect

We will discuss your ideas in a free telephone consultation, when you will give me the reasons for the portrait and the location. I can share my ideas and expertise too so that together we will arrive at a truly unique and apt solution for your circumstances. We’ll then set a date for the ‘on location’ photo shoot.

When I compose a portrait I am encapsulating stories and personalities as well as likenesses. The background, your clothing and any props that are used will be telling the story of who you are. We’ll go to your home or to one of your favourite locations and I will capture some stunning and creative images. The length of time that it will take varies depending on the event and amount of people involved so visit the pricing page for more details.

Once the shoot is complete I will post a selection of online images for you to see on the blog page of my website and Facebook within three days. I’ll then create a password protected online gallery for you to review your pictures and you’ll receive a USB memory stick containing print resolution colour/black and white pictures.

Having your portrait taken is not only a precious keepsake for you and your family, but it makes a great gift for other friends and family members too. Time goes by so quickly that a beautiful photograph is a valued way to remember the best things in life and enjoy them long after the time the photo was taken.

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